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PJCS expansion approved

I've followed the new arena and stadium expansion sagas about as closely as I've followed this season of Dr. Phil (Phil deserves an ass kicking more than 99.6% of people on earth), but this is certainly good news.

The University of Louisville has received final approval from the state of Kentucky to move forward with the proposed expansion of Papa John's Cardinal Stadium, athletic director Tom Jurich said today.

While increasing seating capacity to more than 60,000, the expansion will include 45 new luxury suites, a new south terrace, 2,000 premium loge seats and additional reserved seating.

The expansion is slated to be completed by the fall of 2010.

"We're very excited to get final approval from the State of Kentucky to move forward on our stadium expansion," Jurich said. "When this project is completed, Papa John's Cardinal Stadium will be one of the finest stadiums in college football."

U of L also announced today that Sun Tan City has made a $3 million donation, and as a result the parking lot formerly known as the "Red Lot" will now be referred to as the "Bronze Lot." Additionally, the student section unofficially known as the "Cardinal Crazies" has now officially been dubbed the "Melanoma Maniacs."

I made that last part up.

The stadium stuff and Dr. Phil needing his ass kicked, though, all true.