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Additional press conference notes

With the news about Derrick Caracter out of the way, here are the other major issues that Rick Pitino touched on during his press conference this afternoon:

--Clarence Holloway has been cleared by the NCAA and is back in Louisville. He will be eligible to play during the second semester of next season, but he'll have to pass several medical tests before he can begin participating with the team.

--Pitino is hoping that the 2008-2009 non-conference schedule will be as difficult as the '07-'08 non-con slate was. The Cards are already set to play UNLV and Minnesota, and are close to signing a four-year deal with Western Kentucky that will begin with a game in Nashville next season.

--He's proud of the fact that Earl Clark made the decision to return on his own.

--Earl will start at the four, and either Samardo Samuels or Terrence Jennings will start at center.

--Pitino is expecting a big junior year out of Edgar Sosa because of how poorly his sophomore season went.

"With humility comes improvement," Pitino said. "And that's why I'm bullish on thinking Edgar Sosa is going to have a very good junior season. He finally has a dose of humility in his life, and that's the greatest aid to reaching your potential."

--Louisville will not add any more players from the class of 2008, and no changes to the coaching staff will be made.

You can listen to today's press conference here