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Pitino: Caracter not back with the team

Because the first headline was way more definitive than it should have been. After listening to the entire press conference, I'm still putting the odds of DC coming back at 50/50.

Pitino's response when asked if Caracter will be returning to the team:

"I doubt it. We're in the same place that we were. He wants to come back, but that's not in his best interest. His best interest right now is to proceed forward with his plan of trying to become a second round draft pick, and try and make it at the next level. The most important thing for him is to get in those camps, find out where he is as a basketball player, and get a good measuring stick as to his abilities vs. other players who are all very hungry to make it."

When asked if Caracter had come to him and asked to return for another year:

"Yeah, he has, but that's not in the cards for him right now. It's not in his best interest or our best interest. Our best interest and his best interest right now is for him to try to become a second round draft pick. Too much has happened for him to turn around now."

Not quite a definitive response, but Pitino makes it sound as if the plans he's making for next season don't involve Derrick Caracter. Although, at this point, who really knows?