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Derby Festival Classic highlights

Since I spent the weekend in Lexington, I wasn't able to attend the Derby Festival Classic on Saturday, but I have read several of the reports it produced. I like the Classic because it's a fun event that gives the locals a chance to see the future stars of their favorite programs up close, but I think it's important to remember not to read too much into one exhibition. After all, this is a game that named Shagari Alleyne as its Most Valuable Player just a few years ago.

For those of you who also couldn't make it out to Freedom Hall over the weekend, the Interwebs once again has your back, this time in the form of a highlight video.

Terrence Jennings throws down three consecutive dunks beginning around the 1:40 mark, and Jared Swopshire knocks down a couple of jumpers a little bit later. The video concludes with Jennings (briefly wearing a cape and throwing up multiple L's) and Swopshire (donning a Louisville jersey) putting on a show in the Slam Dunk Contest.

Some familiar faces also make a brief cameo in the video's closing seconds.