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U of L denies Goodman story

That's right, we can't have anyone freak out out there, OK! We've gotta keep our composure! We've come too far! There's too much to lose! We've just gotta keep our composure!

U of L spokesman Kenny Klein is delaying Earl Clark parties (both of the pantsless and fully-clothed variety) throughout the Derby City, calling Jeff Goodman's report that the junior forward was returning to Louisville for another season "all speculation."

U of L spokesman Kenny Klein, reached last night, called the report "all speculation." He said he had spoken with members of the coaching staff yesterday and none indicated a change in Clark's status.

Klein said that Clark and fellow sophomore Derrick Caracter -- who also declared for the draft -- haven't been participating in individual workouts but are still in school.

"I think a lot of this talk stems from people seeing them in class," Klein said. "I can't relate that to them coming back right now."

He noted that when Francisco Garcia declared for the draft after his junior season, he finished the academic semester.

"As far as there being anything to report about either one of those guys truly coming back, there's nothing there right now," Klein said.

There have been enough credible people saying the same thing for me to believe that this is simply a case of U of L wanting to package the news in a fashion of their choosing. Also, a decision still needs to be reached as far as Derrick Caracter's future is concerned, and I'm sure Pitino - who is still on vacation - would like to have something to say about that when he's interviewed for the Clark story.

BUT, if something should happen and Clark does not end up coming back to U of L, Jeff Goodman: brace yourself for the pain, my, multiple emails featuring the words "not cool" pain.