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Brohm taken 25th in SBN mock draft

Unbeknownst to those of us still mired in a post-college basketball funk, the SBN football guys spent a solid chunk of the past week engaging in a very high-quality mock draft.

The recently increased talk of Seattle's interest in Brian Brohm carried over into the blog world, where the Seahawk site Field Gulls selected Brohm with the 25th pick of the draft.

Brohm is the best available player, at an apex position, filling one of Seattle's greater needs, backup/future quarterback. He has an established record of success, is beloved by scouts, and rates highly in David Lewin's rookie forecasting system. His presence provides quality depth at an otherwise irreplaceable position and a saving grace from the dreaded rookie quarterback starter. Brohm decouples Seattle's fate from the arm of one man, and makes a post Hasselbeck injury playoff-run a possibility; now only a pipedream. Given time to develop and normal progression, Brohm could be one of the best quarterbacks in football by 2011, if not earlier. A late first round pick, Brohm is cheap, and should he falter, can be draft-insured against before he ever starts.

Drafting Brohm is a move away from window-based roster construction. Instead of playing for one year, or two, or three, booming before suffering a protracted rebuilding phase, the Hawks maintain consistent contention while perennially adding young talent and building for the future. In football, no position is more essential nor more scarce than quarterback. Brohm is invaluable insurance today, and the keystone of tomorrow's next great Seattle Seahawks.

The reaction to the pick was overwhelmingly positive, although many people seem to believe that in the real draft, Brian will be off the board by the time Seattle makes its first selection. Mel Kiper, on the other hand, has released a brief statement saying that he strongly disagrees with the pick, and now has Brohm going just behind Kyle Wright in the 7th round.

Oh yes, I'm still bitter. Bitter enough to make bad jokes about you and post them with the full knowledge that no one who reads them will laugh. Do you see what happens Mel? Do you see what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps?

For those interested (but not interested enough to click on links), Virginia defensive end Chris Long was taken by Miami with the first pick. Rounding out the top five were Vernon Gholston, Jake Long, Darren McFadden and Sedrick Ellis.