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Kerry Rhodes has a decent amount going for him right now

Raise your hand if you called this four years ago.

The Jets and safety Kerry Rhodes agreed to a contract extension Wednesday that will keep one of the team's biggest playmakers in New York's secondary for five more years.

According to various media reports, citing anonymous sources, the extension is for $33.5 million, including $20 million guaranteed -- making Rhodes one of the NFL's highest-paid safeties.

Rhodes, entering his fourth season, had a year left on his rookie contract and would have become an unrestricted free agent after this season. He has 270 tackles, eight sacks and 10 interceptions in three seasons and has been a starter since being drafted in the fourth round out of Louisville in 2005.

I think we all knew Kerry had the potential to be a player at the next level, but my word. Hopefully he buys John L. Smith - the man responsible for bringing his quarterbacking days to an end - a nice hat or a hooker or something.

Also, here's a really nice feature on Rhodes (who is apparently modeling in his spare time) from SNY.

I've spent the last 30 minutes crunching some numbers and have come up with only three ways that Kerry Rhodes' life could get better:

1. Jets draft Art Carmody and he and Rhodes become best friends.

2. Learns how to fly.

3. Jets draft Preston Knowles and he and Rhodes become best friends.