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Big East Tournament Bracket Update

I need this bracket in my life.

So it's basically down to Pitt, Cincinnati, Syracuse, Villanova and Seton Hall as far as our possible quarterfinal opponent goes. The fact that Pitt has made it to the Big East title game 75 years in a row makes them easily the most dangerous of the five, and adds even more incentive to Saturday's game.

I'm going to go ahead and say it now: I'm not afraid of Syracuse. I know they've had some pretty memorable runs in the Garden, and that every game in the tournament is basically a home game for them, but look at how exhausted they were in Freedom Hall after only one day of rest. I just can't imagine them holding up much better playing their second game in two days, even if their season is on the line.

You want this bracket in your life too, and that's OK because I'm willing to share.

Wed., Mar. 12 Thurs., Mar 13 Fri., Mar 14 Sat.,Mar 15
8) Cincinnati
9) Syracuse
1) Louisville
Semifinals, 7pm Finals, 8pm
2 pm
5) Marquette
12) Providence
2 pm
4) Connecticut
7 pm
7) Pittsburgh
10) Villanova
7 pm
2) Georgetown
Semifinals, 9pm
9 pm
6) West Virginia
11) Seton Hall
9 pm
3) Notre Dame
Out: Depaul, South Florida, Rutgers, St. John's


--Saturday's Louisville/Georgetown winner will snatch the number one seed, while the loser will earn the second seed.

--Connecticut owns the tiebreaker with Marquette and has clinched a first round bye. They can claim the third seed with a win over Cincinnati and a Notre Dame loss to South Florida.

--West Virginia owns the tiebreaker with Marquette and can snatch the five seed with a win over St. John's and a Golden Eagle loss to Syracuse.

--If West Virginia loses to St. John's and Pittsburgh beats Depaul, then the Panthers will claim the sixth seed.

--Cincinnati owns the No. 8 seed right now by virtue of its 2-0 record against Syracuse and Villanova. Syracuse owns the tiebreaker with Villanova (because it beat Georgetown), and is thus the current nine seed.

--Providence's two wins over Connecticut give it the edge for the No.12 seed over Depaul.