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The worst day of the year

The hours immediately following Louisville's last basketball game of the season are always rough, but it doesn't really hit you until the next day that you now have to wait another 12 months to see the Cards take their next shot at the goal they just fell short of.

An eight-hour drive paired with all the drawbacks of an interesting night before certainly isn't a preferable accent.

David Padgett is a God, North Carolina has more uncool fans than cool fans, we're still the third best team in the country, goggles, Tyler Hansbrough is better than you at basketball, men living in Charlotte are working with a pretty stacked deck, Preston Knowles is cooler than Fonzi, Jerry Smith is still clutch, the woman who sat behind me on Saturday is the worst person in the world, and I still love this team.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go sleep for three days.

Go Cards.