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Big East Tournament Semi-Live Blog: 1) Georgetown vs. 8) Villanova

I'll be spending too much time watching Dayton/Xavier and beginning my seven-hour pregame pace to do a true liveblog of G'Town/'Nova, but I'll still be here posting updates throughout the first part of the afternoon.

Use this thread to talk about tonight's game, the games currently being played, or who the poster you'd most like to punch in the face is.

11:59- I'm told (and told, and told, and told) that this is reality TV.

12:08- DaJuan Summers and Jonathan Wallace begin the day with made threes. Probably not a good sign for Villanova...or anyone else still in the tournament. Georgetown up 9-4 early.

12:09- Wallace is now 3-for-3 from deep. Not bad for a guy who would " probably never play" at Georgetown.

12:16- Not sure if any of you all ever caught the short-lived Nickelodeon series Cousin Skeeter (starring a young, but still hot, Meagan Good), but I'm 99% sure that Wallace was the kid on the show.

12:18- The Hoyas are 6-of-7 from deep. This is scary. GU doubling up 'Nova early, 20-10.

12:21- Eary updates from around the country:

Dayton 17, Xavier 12

Michigan 18, Iowa 7

Florida State 9, Wake Forest 9

12:24- Bobby from Cousin Skeeter simply refuses to miss. 23-12 Shmoyas.

12:31- Dayton has decided it really doesn't want to be in the NCAA Tournament, and Xavier has reeled off 13 straight.

12:33- Wallace is now 6-of-6 from the field and has 16 points. VU is actually playing pretty well, and they're still down 27-17.

12:35- Scottie Reynolds has just decided to go crazy and throw the ball around...and now he has a pretty nasty cut on his face. G'Town putting on a clinic at the moment, 29-17.

12:40- This is as well as I've seen Georgetown play all year, and that's terrifying. Thirteen field goals, 11 assists, and it's 34-19.


Patrick Ewing Jr. tossed the ball into the air after what he thought was a bad foul call and drew the T. Pretty lame, but still a technical, and therefore still worth mentioning.

12:44- Ewing Jr. comes out of the timeout, apologizes to the officials, and then shakes both of their hands. It is impossible to dislike these guys.

12:46- Villanova hits all four free-throws and the lead is down to 11.

12:48- This is pretty ridiculous. It's not fair for Georgetown to be both the best defensive team in the country and unable to miss from the outside. I suppose this is why they're 12-0 all-time as the No. 1 seed in this tournament.

12:50- McDonough just ripped on the news phrase: "coverage you can count on."

It's like we're the same person.

12:52- Wallace has 19 points in the first half. This is a remarkable individual performance. G'Town 40-27 in the final minute of the half.

12:55- Wallace finally misses, but Georgetown takes a 40-29 lead into the break. The only reason 'Nova is still somewhat within striking distance is free-throws. The Wildcats have shot 18, the Hoyas have shot zero.

12:57- Halftime Updates:

Xavier 35, Dayton 27

Florida State 31, Wake Forest 26

Michigan 34, Iowa 25

1:15- Here we go. A quick five points for Villanova, and it's 40-34.

1:20- Scottie Reynolds for three, and we have a one possession game. Kudos to 'Nova for surviving the first half onslaught to stay within striking distance.

1:21- Roy Hibbert picks up his fourth foul on a questionable offensive foul call, and then Dwayne Anderson scores and is fouled on the other end. He'll look to tie this thing up after the under 16.

1:25- We are tied at 40.

1:26- Chris Wright (who apparently is playing again) drills a three, but Anderson has the answer on the other end. 43 all.

1:27- Jay Bilas apparently won an emmy for his studio broadcasting. Congrats.

1:28- Wallace's shot is about to go down, but Ewing Jr. inexplicably dunks it and the basket is waived off.

Free throws: Villanova 21, Georgetown 0

1:29- Wildcats lead it 47-43. Oh my.

1:30- Dwayne Anderson just played 45 seconds - and attempted a three - wearing only one shoe. He went to go pick his shoe up, and referee John Kale picked it up and threw it off the floor.

1:32- Ewing dunks and is fouled, and now he's got a chance to put Georgetown back on top.

1:32- Hoyas lead it by a point. Hell of a game.

1:33- Corey Stokes answers with a three...and then Jessie Sapp scores and is fouled. Some unbelievable plays being made here.

1:33- Georgetown 51, Villanova 50 at the under 12.

1:35- Flyers making a game of it against Xavier. There's just so much to watch.

1:38- McDonough to Raftery: "You were not nominated for the best telestration arrows Emmy."

The ongoing joke about Raftery's inability to draw straight arrows with the telestrator is awesome.

1:39- Sapp buries a three for his second enormous play in a row, and just like that it's 56-50, Hoyas.

1:41- The SEC Tournament is officially underway, with an appropriately disgusting battle between South Carolina and LSU kicking things off.

1:42- Sapp for three more and the Hoyas may have officially weathered the storm. 59-50.

1:44- Summers for another triple, and Georgetown has hit 14 threes. GU up 62-54 at the under eight.

1:46- Updates:

Xavier 58, Dayton 52

Florida State 55, Wake Forest 45

Michigan 46, Iowa 37

Oklahoma State 49, Texas Tech 49

South Carolina 35, LSU 34

UAB 33, Tulsa 27

1:49- Note to future Georgetown opponents: DaJuan Summers enjoys shooting out of the corners. 65-56 Hoyas.

1:52- 'Nova looking to make one last push...and then Summers scores and is fouled. This kid is one year away from being Jeff Green. Georgetown up 67-58 with five minutes to go.

1:54- Oh my goodness. Summers for another three. 70-58.

1:54- Sapp for three and we have a new Georgetown record with 17 made triples. 73-58, and this one be over.

2:03- We are in the midst of a 31-9 Georgetown run. Hoyas by 18.

2:05- Georgetown three-point shooting:

Sapp: 6-of-9

Wallace: 5-of-6

Summers: 3-of-5

Wright: 2-of-3


2:06- Roy Hibbert: 0 points, 3 rebounds, and the Hoyas are up 16 with a minute to go.

Equally terrifying.

2:15- Georgetown 82, Villanova 63

A game eerily similar to yesterday's opening tilt, right down to the final score.