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Big East Tournament Live Blog: 6) Marquette vs. 11) Seton Hall

This one's going to be pretty half-hearted, but you can use this thread to talk about the game if you're staying up late.

I watched these two play during the regular season, and there may have been more shit talked in those 40 minutes than in all of the other games I watched the rest of the season combined.

Should be a good time.

9:51- About the pace you'd expect from these two teams, and so far it's Seton Hall who's handling it better. I cringe every single time I hear the name Jeremy Hazell.

9:53- Look at Gonzalez, just look at him. It's enough to make you lose all faith in humanity.

9:54- Apparently Okosun is the new Hazell. Pirates up 16-13 at the under 12.

9:58- I've seen more ill-advised alley-oop attempts in one day than I've seen over the last four months.

10:06- Hazell banks in a three and gets fouled. There's nothing to like about this guy.

10:08- I am already insanely sick of hearing about Black Magic. Does that make me a racist?

10:26- Seton Hall is coming apart jjuuusssttt a little bit here. Scoring before the buzzer would be big.

10:27- Your score at halftime: Marquette 34, Seton Hall 29

10:29- Mini-halftime stats:

Marquette (34): McNeal 12, James 10, Matthews 6, Blackledge 4, Hayward 2

Seton Hall (29): Hazell 8, Okosun 6, Nutter 5, Davis 4, Garcia 2, Harvey 2, Laing 2

10:32- I understand that ESPN was trying to achieve a cute, Grumpy Old Men thing by pairing Knight with Digger, but I think he'd be a whole lot better with somebody else. Of course everyone would be a whole lot better with somebody else.

11:00- That's why we couldn't go man against SHU. Eugene Harvey is a stud...sometimes. Marquette clinging to a 45-42 leas with 14 to play.

Perhaps the most entertaining game of the day, which makes it all the more disappointing that it's on so late.

11:04- Jerel McNeal, seriously, you can't argue every call that goes against your team. It's like a catcher trying to frame a ball in the dirt.

11:20- Harvey has two free-throws that can make it a one-point game after the under eight. If you're Marquette and you lose this one, then all of the sudden you're staring at a seven seed or another 8/9 death game right in the face.

11:24- Seton Hall is now being outrebounded by 73. See this Cards? This is what you can't do tomorrow night.

11:28- Little Mo Acker. Big three-point shot. MU 57-53.

11:31- Seton Hall just refuses to rebound. They have zero chance of winning this game. Zero chance.

11:37- Another big shot by Acker makes it an eight-point game, and MU is a pretty sure bet to be playing this time tomorrow night.

11:43- Enjoy the offseason asshole.

11:45- Marquette 67, Seton Hall 54

Pretty solid first day, but things will only get better tomorrow.

Go Cards.