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Big East Tournament Live Blog tomorrow

The first day of the Big East Tournament has been one of my favorites of the year since before Louisville made the jump to the league.

The noon 8/9 tilt is almost always an NCAA Tournament elimination game, there's generally an upset in one of the later three contests, someone starts an unlikely run, someone hurts its tournament seed, and there's high quality basketball on television nearly all day.

On top of that, in the afternoon you get the A team of Bilas, Raftery, and the best play-by-play guy in the biz: Sean McDonough. You can have your Gus Johnson freakouts or your Raftery catch phrases, but for my money there's nothing better than a McDonough undressing of an official after a replay has proven the call on the floor to be incorrect. Simply put, he's the man.

This has been a long-winded way to tell you that due to popular demand (I liked it), the Big East Tournament Live Blog will be returning for a second year. I'll be here all day keeping tabs on all the happenings in New York, talking about how cool Sean McDonough is, and telling you what I'm wearing.

So make sure to check in and click refresh every three seconds if you're stuck at work, or if you just can't watch basketball without some form of virtual company.

It should be a fun day.