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Chichester rejoins team for Big East Tournament

Brian Bennett's story this morning concluded with the interesting little tidbit that Josh Chichester will be rejoining the team for this week only.

Getting to spend spring break both in New York and as a player on the second-seed in the Big East Tournament isn't a bad deal. It doesn't quite beat out spending spring break in your senior year of high school in snowy Bowling Green, Ky (I'm still bitter), but it's close.

I was a big Chichester fan for the month or so that he was on the team, and I'm glad to have him back, even if it's only for a week. It seemed like he got along well with everyone on the team, so I doubt there was any sort of concern over disrupting chemistry when this decision was made.

Even if he doesn't play one second this week, we'll always, always have Rupp.