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It was Gonzalez

At least so says The Big Lead.

Two independent sources we spoke with claim that the Big East coach who threw fists with one of his assistant coaches was Seton Hall's Bobby Gonzalez. The sources say that on February 17th, as Seton Hall was headed to the locker room for halftime, trailing West Virginia 45-30, an agitated Gonzalez went "nose-to-nose" with an assistant coach. (We have emailed two assistant coaches about this, but have not heard back and thus we're going to hold off posting a name. We don't expect to get a response, but if we do, we'll update the post.) This is where our sources disagree - one source claims it was a very heated argument and other assistants intervened before punches were thrown; the other source claims punches were thrown (backing up Forde's blind item). Apparently, there were multiple witnesses, including West Virginia coach Bob Huggins.

So it technically came before March, but I'm still chalking this up as a 1-for-1 start to the year's most famous month for prognostications.

Thanks Gonzo, your inability to successfully mask your inner "I've been in multiple rush hour-related fist fights so don't mess with me" mentality really came through for me on this one.

Since you cast a spell at halftime of the game in Newark that turned your team into the 1990 Loyola Marymount Lions, I guess we'll call it even.