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David Padgett chats on

David Padgett participated in an ESPN Sports Nation online chat this afternoon, and while his answers to most of the questions were what you'd generally expect from David, there were a few interesting responses.

Bryan Wilson (Louisville, KY): How do you think the Cards measure up to the top teams in the country like the UNC's, Duke's, and G-Town's?

SportsNation David Padgett: If we're playing as well as we're capable, I think we can play with anyone in the country. There are a lot of teams on the same level, so it's really wide open.

Ron, Louisville, KY: With the team finally healthy do you feel the Cardinals are poised to make a deep NCAA tournament run? Go Cards!!!

SportsNation David Padgett: To be honest, our focus right now is taking it one game at a time. Every team wants to do as well as they can in the tournament, but our focus right now is to make it at first. We'll take it from there.

Justin, Lexington KY: Do you still have lingering pain in your knee?

SportsNation David Padgett: No, not at all. My knees feel great and I'm probably past that hurdle. Hopefully I can stay that way.

Brad (Gadsden,Alabama): Where is the toughest place to play?

SportsNation David Padgett: Probably Rupp Arena in Lexington. Obviously it's tough for anybody to play in there, but it's tougher for us because it's a big rivalry game.

Greg (Louisville): David, do you guys come out with a game plan to attack the big men and hope to get them in foul trouble, or is that just a happenstance of going inside? I know you have eliminated many a big man by directly attacking them.

SportsNation David Padgett: Sometimes it's in the game plan, sometimes it's not. It just depends on the team we're playing. Our game plan doesn't focus on one player, we just do what we have to do to beat the other team.

Rich (Kansas City, MO): What's Pitino like? Is he really always that intense?

SportsNation David Padgett: On the court he's very intense, but off it, he's a great guy and all the guys really like being around him.

Mike (Salisbury, MD: David...have always enjoyed watching you in a cards uni. Is there any chance we see you and DC on the floor together against Georgetown?

SportsNation David Padgett: You never know. Sometimes we play the five and four spot in practice, but our lineups change a lot. It's hard to say yes, but it's always a possibility.

tim (louisville, KY): what has been the greatest win you've experienced at the 'Ville?

SportsNation David Padgett: I would probably say beating Pittsburgh and Marquette last year, and Kentucky this year.

David Hardinsburg: Whats your plans after college?

SportsNation David Padgett: Hopefully I get a chance to play professionally. I always have a degree to fall back on if not.

Giovanny (New York, NY): David- I've always wondered, Whats your pregame routine?

SportsNation David Padgett: I don't have anything too out of the ordinary. I get to the gym two and a half hours before the game and get warmed up. Nothing that any other player doesn't really do.

Jonathan Louisville: What does Pitino give to the players that other coaches dont? They say he is the best motivator and best recruiter, would you agree??

SportsNation David Padgett: I definitely would. He's the best I've ever been around. He gets you to do things that you'd never think you could do. He's a very sincere person, and you can trust what he says.

Jerb (Clarksville, IN): You play such a big role in the terms of leadership on this years team. Who do you see stepping up to fill the void after you graduate?

SportsNation David Padgett: I think Andre McGee, our junior PG, will fill that role. He is vocal and is stepping up already. I think he'll be the first pick for captain next year.

Big ups to Jerb for posing the question that probably elicited the most intriguing answer of the chat. And big ups to David Padgett for being David Padgett.

You can read the entire chat here.