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Heads up Vegas

Sometime recently (I've been on a bender and haven't slept for like six days) I was spending my daily eight hours on YouTube, and stumbled upon a self-proclaimed college basketball betting expert going by the name of "5 Star Rob." The first video I saw was Rob giving his "lock of the day," which just so happened to be Louisville over Connecticut. It sadly didn't come to fruition, but I was intrigued by this character and saw that he had a few other short videos, so I decided to give them a click.

After taking in a few of these videos, something became undeniably clear: Rob - how should I put this - wasn't making anybody who may have been listening to him much money.

FSR designates each pick he gives with a star rating from 1-5. My understanding is that one star picks are the ones you should have the least confidence in, while a five star pick is a guaranteed, bet your spouse on it lock. Watching Rob's first four videos got me wondering exactly what it would take for him to bust out the lock of all locks.

Super Bowl Sunday gave us that answer.

If I were a big-time better, I think I'd avoid the loud guys constantly telling me to "mark it down" or "take it to the bank." I'd take my advice from the most honest looking, non-gimmicky guy I could find. Someone like "62.47% of the Time Right Stu."

Keep your head up Rob.