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Big East Power Poll

Finally, a bit of clarity. At least more than we've seen in four weeks.

1. Georgetown (1) (18-2, 8-1)

Last Week: Beat St. John's (74-42), beat Seton Hall (73-61)
This Week: vs. South Florida (2/5), at Louisville (2/9)

The Hoyas are 8-1 in the league, and their second nine games may be a touch easier than their first.  

2. Connecticut (4) (16-5, 6-3)

Last Week: Beat Louisville (69-67), beat Pittsburgh (60-53)
This Week: At Syracuse (2/6), vs. Georgia Tech (2/9)

It really is ridiculous just how much the Huskies have mirrored the Louisville team of the previous year for the past two seasons.

3. Notre Dame (5) (16-4, 6-2)

Last Week: Beat Providence (81-74 OT), beat Depaul (89-80)
This Week: At Seton Hall (2/6), vs. Marquette (2/9)

I find myself saying "GODY!" in a Bill Raftery voice everytime I see Luke Harangody score, or sometimes just when I feel like breaking awkward silences. It's fun. Do it. If I happen to be in the same area I'll do it back and then maybe we can go get some coffee or something.

4. Louisville (3) (16-6, 6-3)

Last Week: Lost to Connecticut (69-67), beat Rutgers (87-50)
This Week: At Marquette (2/4), vs. Georgetown (2/9)

A pair of wins this week will announce to the country that this team is officially making its move. Winning at least one of the two is imperative.

5. Pittsburgh (6) (17-5, 5-4)

Last Week: Beat Villanova (69-57), lost to Connecticut (60-53)
This Week: vs. West Virginia (2/7)

The Panthers have alternated wins and losses for the last three weeks, a trend they'll hope to continue Thursday against hated West Virginia.

6. Marquette (7) (16-4, 6-3)

Last Week: Beat South Florida (62-54), beat Cincinnati (75-60)
This Week: vs. Louisville (2/4), at Notre Dame (2/9)

The Golden Eagles have won three straight heading into a critical four-game stretch. Tom Crean desperately needs Dominic James to break out of his recent funk.

7. West Virginia (2) (16-6, 5-4)

Last Week: Lost to Cincinnati (62-39), beat Providence (77-65)
This Week: At Pittsburgh (2/7)

Yeah, I had them too high last week.

  8. Syracuse (10) (16-7, 6-4)

Last Week: Beat Depaul (60-55), beat Villanova (87-73)
This Week: vs. Connecticut (2/6)

After being left for dead, the Orange have won three straight to put themselves back in a position to generate some NCAA Tournament buzz.

9. Seton Hall (12) (15-7, 5-4)

Last Week: Beat Rutgers (84-71 OT), lost to Georgetown (73-61)
This Week: vs. Notre Dame (2/6), at Villanova (2/9)

Georgetown is obviously a notch above the rest of the league, but Bobby Gonzalez had to be disappointed that his team didn't put up more of a fight on Saturday.

10. Cincinnati (11) (10-12, 5-5)

Last Week: Beat West Virginia (62-39), lost to Marquette (75-60)
This Week: At Rutgers (2/9)

The Bearcats will take a short hiatus from ruining otherwise promising Big East seasons and embark on a three-game stretch that includes bottom feeders St. John's, Rutgers and South Florida.

11. Villanova (9) (13-7, 3-6)

Last Week: Lost to Pittsburgh (69-57), lost to Syracuse (87-73)
This Week: At St. John's (2/4), vs. Seton Hall (2/9)

If the Wildcats drop two more this week, then all the talk about missing the Big East Tournament will be warranted.

12. Depaul (12) (9-12, 4-5)

Last Week: Lost to Syracuse (60-55), lost to Notre Dame (89-80)
This Week: At Providence (2/5), vs. South Florida (2/9)

The Blue Demons' brutal second half schedule means that making it to New York is still far from a given.

13. Providence (13) (12-9, 3-6)

Last Week: Lost to Notre Dame (81-74 OT), lost to West Virginia (77-65)
This Week: vs. Depaul (2/5), at St. John's (2/9)

Tim Welsh is rapidly falling out of favor in the nation's smallest state. For his sake, the Friars had better win both games this week and then steal three more before the regular season closes.

14. Rutgers (14) (10-13, 2-8)

Last Week: Lost to Seton Hall (84-71 OT), lost to Louisville (87-50)
This Week: vs. St. John's (2/6), vs. Cincinnati (2/9)

Well, if you're going to end a hot streak then you might as well leave no doubt about it, I suppose.

15. St. John's (15) (8-12, 2-7)

Last Week: Lost to Georgetown (74-42), beat South Florida (72-58)
This Week: At Rutgers (2/6), vs. Providence (2/9)

Saturday left us with no doubt: this is not the worst team in the conference.

16. South Florida (16) (10-12, 1-8)

Last Week: Lost to Marquette (62-54), lost to St. John's (72-58)
This Week: At Georgetown (2/5), at Depaul (2/9)

The more things change the more South Florida doesn't win games in the Big East.