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What to watch: 2/26/08

Ohio State at Indiana (7 p.m./ESPN)

What if IU accidentally wore their road uniforms and Ohio State their homes? Nobody would realize the difference until D.J. White stopped playing suddenly and said, "hey, wait just a minute." And then everyone would laugh, and the whole Kelvin Sampson thing would be forgotten by halftime.

Southern Illinois at Bradley (7 p.m./ESPN2)

Southern Illinois is finally playing like the team everybody thought they'd be before the season started. If that isn't enough to make you tune in, then just know that you can say "Falker" as loud as you want in front of the kids and then explain to your wife that you're "just watching the game" if she gets all complainy.

Boston College at Virginia Tech (7 p.m./ESPNU)

Because that's why ESPNU exists: to bring you the games between mid-level ACC teams who won't make the NCAA Tournament that you'd otherwise miss.

VMI at Liberty (7 p.m./MASN)

Drink every time Reggie Williams shoots. And don't drunk dial me five minutes from now because I'm not going to humor you or tell your crying ass what you want to hear.

Connecticut at Rutgers (7:30 p.m./MSG/ESPN Full Court)

Piscataway will shed a collective tear if the Scarlet Knights lose and are mathematically eliminated from the postseason. And then it will collectively (Sopranos or New Jersey is gross joke).

Tennessee at Vanderbilt (9 p.m./ESPN)

Deon Thomas. People don't forget, Bruce. Especially those people who were five-years-old when the shit went down.

Oklahoma State at Missouri (9 p.m./ESPNU)

Come on.

Northwestern at Michigan (9 p.m./Big Ten Network)

All the intensity of the opening round of the Big Ten Tournament, with a dash of Kevin Coble on the side.

San Diego State at UNLV (10 p.m./CSTV)

Watch Zo Wade go 2-of-5 on dunks and 4-for-6 from three.