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James Worthy hates Louisville

I'm on record (Jackson Browne's Running on Empty) as being a full-fledged "Bracketology" hater. I don't understand why anyone gives credence to something that they could - assuming they follow college basketball relatively closely - easily do themselves, and have be every bit as meaningful.

In the immortal words of Dwight Schrute: "Why tip someone for a job I'm capable of doing myself? I can deliver food. I can drive a taxi. I can and do cut my own hair. I did however tip my urologist, because, I am unable to pulverize my own kidney stones."

Still, from time-to-time I do permit myself to check out The Bracket Matrix, which does a great job of allowing fans to see where their favorite team stands in each and every internet mock bracket known to man. One of the brackets featured on the site is James Worthy's from, a website for a television news channel in Los Angeles.

I'd noticed in previous weeks that Big Game James was being a bit harder on Louisville than the rest of the country. When U of L's average seed was five, James had them as a nine. When the rest of the country had the Cards as a four last week, James bumped them up to a seven. This week Louisville is seeded between 2-5 by every bracketitioner except James, who apparently now feels that the Cards haven't done quite enough to make the field of 65.

Some say that this is simply an oversight, they say that James had Michigan State in the bracket twice and surely meant to have Louisville in one of those spots. I say nonsense.

James Worthy hates Louisville. Always has.

A national championship for Louisville?
Not if the guy on the right has anything to say about it.

He can't stand that Juan Palacios wears goggles and is furious that David Padgett has mastered the right-handed baby hook. And when Terrence Williams scored his 1,000th point against Providence to move U of L past North Carolina and into first place on the all-time 1,000-point scorers list, Worthy just lost it.

I'm calling you out James. Do not use a bracket as the outlet for your rage any longer. Be a real man and send me an email or a message on AIM from an obscure pseudonym that lets me know how you truly feel about the fighting Cardinals.

Until then, you my friend are a coward. A trait your mock bracket distinctly reflects.

UPDATE: Apparently James does in fact have Louisville in his bracket as a three seed. This changes nothing...Except that the Bracket Matrix guy is now also a coward who hates Louisville.