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Open Thread: Louisville at Pittsburgh

Road Warrior.

Obviously, no time for a full preview, but here are your main Pitt talking points:

1. Junior guard Levance Fields is looking as good as he has since he fractured a bone in his left foot eight weeks ago, and may get the start today.

2. Sam Young is good. Like, real good.

3. If Louisville wins, they'll become the first team ever to win multiple games at the Peterson Events Center. Pitt is 94-9 all-time at the PEC, and 14-1 this season.

4. Freshman center DeJuan Blair is feeling confident/motivated.

"We're going to get them on Sunday," he said after a loss to Notre Dame on Thursday night. "That's all I'm looking for right now: playing hard and getting that win on Sunday. I'm not guaranteeing nothing or saying nothing. I just want it. That's all."

5. Jamie Dixon's teams generally play much more man than zone, but they'll likely mix it up a bit more today.

CC Prediction: Pittsburgh 63, Louisville 61

This would be huge if we could pull it off, but these guys need it far more than we do, and the PEC is a huge advantage even at Noon on a Sunday.

Feel free to throw stuff at me.

Go Cards.