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What to watch: 2/19/08

Purdue at Indiana (7 p.m./ESPN)

"You don't wanna play boys, then I'm getting the f--- out of here. I mean, if you're not gonna cover Greg Graham; if you're just gonna let him drive by you; if the rest of you are gonna let him catch the ball outside the three second lane and drive all the way in here without one guy challenging him, then I'm leaving and you f---ing guys will run 'til you can't eat supper. Now I'm tired of this s---! I'm sick and f---ing tired of an 8-10 record! I'm f---ing tired of losing to Purdue!"

UNC-Greensboro at Davidson (7 p.m./ESPN2)

The SoCon gets it moment in the slightly eclipsed sun, but the powers that be might be left wishing that it was the first game between these two that was on national television, a contest where Stephen Curry scored a career-high 41 points and Davidson erased a 21-point deficit to keep its perfect league mark in tact. Greensboro senior Kyle Hines has scored in double figures in 74 straight games, a remarkable streak that dates back to the beginning of his sophomore season.

Depaul at Connecticut (7 p.m./ESPNU)

Half cartoon/half car salesman Jerry Wainwright has the Huskies right where he wants them.

Clemson at Florida State (7 p.m./FSN South)

Harry Douglas' little brother Toney is the starting point guard at FSU. You can use that as your excuse for watching if you don't want the other people around to know that you have money riding on this eyesore.

Georgia at Kentucky (9 p.m./ESPN)

I feel like Georgia is one of those schools that shouldn't have a basketball team. Just like Auburn.

Missouri State at Creighton (9 p.m./ESPNU)

Huge game for the Bears in their quest to avoid having to play on the first day of the MVC Tournament.

Northwestern at Iowa (9 p.m./Big Ten Network)

It's times like these that you just want to kill that guy who came up with the idea of the Big Ten Network.