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What to watch: 2/15/08

Big East Friday nights are back. Drink until you think the Larry Taylor play was legit.

Marist at Manhattan (7:30 p.m./ESPNU)

Manhattan is way down while Marist is only moderately down. Isn't that the backstory of every instant classic?

North Florida at Jacksonville (7:30/CSS)

If you don't follow college basketball closely and guessed that North Florida is really bad simply because you've never heard of them, you'd be totally right.

Pittsburgh at Marquette (9 p.m./ESPN)

Levance Fields is back to provide some backcourt assistance for Mr. Rrrrronald Rrrrramon. A win puts Pitt just a game back of Louisville, while 7-5 Marquette needs to pull one out in order to avoid being the topic of bubblicious conversation.

I'll say Golden Eagles in a tight one, but only because Jerel McNeal's perpetually outstretched arms and "she hit me first" expression will win the hearts of the guys in stripes.