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Just how impressive was Saturday's win?

Consider the following:

  1. The white suit was obviously cursed (don't bet on the Derby horse Pitino backs).
  2. My friend Danny made the highly questionable decision to bring his girlfriend to the game. Dating back to football season, Louisville had been a combined 0-7 when the two had watched games together. If we had lost, don't think I wouldn't have been cruel to both after a couple of drinks.
  3. The White Out forced me to ditch the red hoodie I'd worn for both the Rutgers and Marquette games, as well as the still undefeated grey long-sleeve Louisville basketball shirt (I went with football legend white "Cards Rule").
  4. The shelving of unbeaten talisman Please God Let Us Win Baby.
  5. And finally...

Unbelievable. Sure Louisville was technically the favorite on Saturday, sure most experts backed the Cards, sure even I was pretty confident they were going to win, but with this new knowledge factored into the equation, it's hard not to put this win right up there with the Miracle on Ice and the Adam Banks-less Ducks over the Hawks.

Get up Rob, and get up Cards/Divine Intervention.