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What to read while thawing

Seeing as how the electricity at my house goes out after a swift gust of wind or particularly violent sneeze from an 8-year-old girl, I've learned a few things about the news and expectations. Namely that when you hear "LG&E expects to have power returned to all houses by _ at the latest," you take that number, add 12 hours, and that's when you can expect to stop living like the Amish.

Naturally, when I heard Wednesday evening that "LG&E expects to have power returned to all houses by Thursday morning at the latest," I made plans for a late-Thursday night celebration. As expected, I was ping-ponging it up at Dark Star when the "you won't have to dress like you're on Northern Exposure when you sleep tonight" text came at 10:15. I went ahead and slept in my Barry Corbin outfit anyway.

I really think that some program comparable to the frequent flyer one needs to be implemented here. I say if you lead the "Lost Power Standings" at the end of one calendar year, then your street or section automatically has to be fixed first every time there's a mass power outage over the next 12 months. If it's a life and death situation, then fine, exceptions can be made, but if they're only going to fall extremely ill then to hell with 'em. I need my 73 early-evening episodes of Seinfeld.  

I suppose it wouldn't be as bad if the people directly across the street didn't ALWAYS KEEP THEIR POWER. And I swear to God they go out of their way to flaunt their late 19th-centuryness whenever this happens. I can't be sure, but I think one of them was having a Planetarium laser light show in their main room last night. I'm almost positive I saw a neon green Cassiopeia at one point, and the sweet sound of Kenny Loggins was unmistakable. That's OK, just know that when I have kids I'm so going to let them terrorize your property, and then I'm going to scold them in your presence and make them walk back over and apologize, but then when they come back in the house it's going to be extra dessert city.

So anyways, I've got power back.

The Cards have been selected to participate in the second year of the SEC/Big East Invitational, which will take place next December. U of L will play Mississippi Dec. 18 in Cincinnati's U.S. Bank Arena as part of a doubleheader. Cincinnati and Mississippi State will play the other game that night, while the other two games in the Invitational will feature Tennessee vs. Marquette, and Vanderbilt vs. South Florida.  

I think I speak for all of us when I say: "Is there some way we can trade?" Everyone knows Ole Miss is insanely overrated now, and their only post player - Dwayne Curtis - is a senior. Warren, Polynice and Huertas are all young and exciting, so I guess the game has a chance to be entertaining.

I was really excited about this SEC/Big East deal the first time I heard about it, but the way it's played out has been really disappointing. If I'd known the powers that be were going to half-ass it so badly then I never would have stopped stumping for the "Big East/Big West Battle for the Big Middle."

The alternative involved the Big Sky, and trust me it was every bit as disappointing.

Recruiting is not my bag. Every time I hear someone talk about which way a high school junior or senior is "leaning" or something he's "hinting at," I think about myself when I was 17 or 18, and then I remember how that same young man I'm picturing was considered relatively mature for his age.

In spite of my lack of recruiting cognizance, I couldn't help noticing that Louisville made the final two for a pair of talented young men this week, but each chose other schools. Defensive end John Youboty chose Marshall, and now running back Aundre Dean has apparently picked UCLA. On the bright side, I'm told that there is a kid who is down to just us and Georgia Southern. Not a least in the literal sense.

What has the world come to when even Kentucky basketball fans are coming off as cruel and obsessive?

Connecticut has been playing so well without leading scorer Jerome Dyson that Jim Calhoun really had no other option but to suspend him for 30 more days.

Sounding as tired and emotionally drained as his shorthanded UConn basketball team following two grueling victories, coach Jim Calhoun addressed Thursday night the latest news on his two suspended sophomores.

According to sources, starting shooting guard Jerome Dyson failed a drug test for the second time in his career, resulting in a university-imposed 30-day suspension. Doug Wiggins, the team's top reserve, rejoined the team for practice Thursday, Calhoun said.

When reached in his Gampel Pavilion basketball office 13 hours into a long day, Calhoun declined comment on Dyson's test results citing privacy laws, adding that he remains suspended indefinitely along with Wiggins, who may play Saturday against Pittsburgh in Hartford.

If the Huskies lose to Pitt then expect Wiggins to be found with crack superglued to his hands early Sunday morning.  

We haven't had the chance to talk about this yet, so did you see Bob Huggins Wednesday night?

You know some peoples got smacked up after they only hit 20% of their target goal.

The Louisville baseball team will begin its quest to return to Omaha this afternoon when they hold their first practice of the season. The Cardinal Nine will hit the field for the first time at 2 p.m., and then they will hold a scrimmage Saturday morning at 11:30 and Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m.

Wind blowin', sleet fallin', window scrapin'; yep, all the undeniable signs of baseball season are upon us.

In spite of his lack of basic algebra skills, FrustratedFan posted an interesting diary that detailed just how much better Louisville has been this season when Terrence Williams has shot the ball less than ten times. I would have guessed that the evidence would be somewhat damning, but 8-0 to 7-6 is even more overwhelming than I'd thought.

The Bracket Project is keeping tabs on all the major NCAA Tournament projections, and at the moment each mock bracket appears to include Louisville. The Cards are seeded as low (or high) as a No. 4, and as high (or low) as a No. 11.

And finally, Erin Andrews is still rather attractive.