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Rick Pitino grades his team's opening performance

Thoughts on what I'm pretty sure did actually happen inside the Carrier Dome over the weekend are coming eventually (teaser: I'm not happy about it), but the only way to start the first Monday of November is with a little Rick Pitino.

Here's a portion of the coach's thoughts on the Cards' performance against Georgetown College Saturday afternoon.

The Red/White Game was a debacle. A total waste of our time. It reminded me of a high school all star game. Boring with a lot of dunks and no defense.


Georgetown believe it or not was a major improvement. They are a great exhibition team to play. They are in December form, play extremely hard, and pressure you into mistakes. After the 2005 Final Four we were pre-season top ten the following year. Undeserved because the players coming back did not earn that ranking. This year’s team has earned it. Yes, we miss the experience of David and Tello. But we have enough talent back to reach our potential.


Let’s start with the defense vs. Georgetown


We forced them into shooting a low percentage (34.5%) but did not rebound and ignite our fast break. Their starting back court had 18 rebounds.


Grade: Defense C+

            Rebounding F


Fast break- The best way to break is off steals. We did a poor job with many players posting a donut.


Grade: D


Passing- Back on our heels to much. We need to ball fake better and drive to make others better.


Grade: C-


Turnovers- Careless mistakes. Committed 18 turnovers. Charges and poor handling of the ball led to that number.


Grade: D


Full Court Press- With Andre and Preston it was much better. Good pursuit in front and behind.


Grade: B


Man Offense- Some bright spots, mainly Jared Swopshire. Gifted on the perimeter. Samardo played below the rim on moves to baskets. He must extend high and make three point plays. Guards assist to turnover ratio very poor (7/8)


Grade: C-


Man Defense- Good in the half court, poor in transition. We must be vocal at all times.


Grade: C


Zone Defense- Active and solid. Guards did a poor job of coming back to rebound.


Grade: B+

T-Will's street clothes attire- Sleek and stylish. White button up underneath a solid sweater is never a poor choice. Could have taken more of a risk with the pants.

Grade: B+