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English reportedly interested in SDSU opening

I think we all knew this was coming, but that doesn't make it any easier to stomach.

Former SDSU assistant coach Ron English, now the defensive coordinator at Louisville, has expressed interest, according to sources. So has UCLA defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker. Green, English and Walker all happen to be black – a point that's relevant because SDSU President Stephen Weber said the school would consider minority candidates. There are only four black head coaches among 119 Football Bowl Subdivision teams, the lowest number in 15 years.

English, a Pomona native, was named the national defensive coordinator of the year by while at Michigan in 2006. He was SDSU's defensive backs coach in 1996-97 and has a master's degree in education administration from Arizona State.

English very well might be the best thing the Louisville football program has going for it at the present time, and even though all parties involved seem to understand that his stay here will be brief, I'm among those hoping we'll at least be able to squeeze one more year out of him.

I suppose we shall see.