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What to watch: 11/18/08


Richmond at Syracuse (6 p.m./ESPN)

Kevin Anderson is a fun player to watch, and the Spiders apparently have some decent young talent, but this isn't a game Syracuse should win by less than ten points. Of course the Orange have always been able to handle less-talented U of R teams.

IUPUI at Indiana (6:30 p.m./Big Ten Network)

George Hill bolted for the NBA, but Oooey-Pooey still has enough players to field an eligible team, which means they're capable of beating Indiana.

UT-Martin at Tennessee (7 p.m./FSS/ESPN Full Court)

First Lester Hudson spotting of the year? Don't mind if I do.

St. John's at Boston College (7:30 p.m./ESPN2)

BC isn't much outside of Tyrese Rice, but making the Final Four of the Preseason NIT would still be a nice early statement for Norm Roberts and the Johnnies to make.

Texas Southern at Cincinnati (7:30 p.m./FS Ohio)

Whatever. It's Big East basketball.

Tulane at Texas (8 p.m./FS Southwest/ESPN Fullcourt)

The world finds out just how good Green Wave head coach Dave Dickerson really is this season.

SIU-Edwardsville at Wisconsin (8:30 p.m./Big Ten Network)

There's a limit.

Florida Gulf Coast at Kansas (9 p.m./ESPNU)

It's the defending national champs, so I can respect it. I can't watch it, but I can respect it.

Idaho at Gonzaga (9 p.m./FCS Pacific)

Jeremy Pargo will dunk.

Kentucky at North Carolina (9 p.m./ESPN)

I hope they win by 75.

Davidson at Oklahoma (9:30 p.m./ESPN2)

The names aren't as sexy, but this is much more of a must-see game than the one on the big station. God I missed you, Steph. My how you've grown.

Arizona State at San Diego State (11 p.m./CBS College)

Lo Wade thought about playing in this game, but then decided stealing a TV was the more logical move. Then he missed a dunk.

UAB at Arizona (11:30 p.m./ESPN2)

Meaningful games to watch half-consciously in bed? I love this sport.