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Syracuse fires Greg Robinson, Steve Kragthorpe breathes sigh of relief, calmly checks temperature of seat

Let's turn it over to newly appointed SBN Big East brethren Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician (we've now officially got an army 1/5 the size of the SEC).

As I've said before, if you take a step back and put yourself in his shoes, you gotta feel bad for the guy.  He's spent the last 20-something years of his life building towards the dream of being a head coach on a prominent level.  He achieved his dream.  He reached his goal.  And in a matter of years, it ended in utter disaster.  Not only will Greg never be a head coach again but he leaves this job with a stink that will never wash away.  For the foreseeable future his name will be synonymous with failure to Syracuse fans and to college football fans in general.  He will have other jobs and have the chance to redeem himself in some aspect, but he will never have the chance to make-good on the last four years. 

I say all of that not to bury the guy any further than he already is, but just to point out the Greek tragedy aspect of Greg's career.  We all have that one thing we hope to do with our lives one day and would give anything to do it.  Greg got that chance and it was a nightmare and he got it too late in life to reverse it later on.  His legacy, at least in Upstate New York, is set in stone.  At least Coach P apologists will always be able to point to his record.  Coach Robinson apologists have no such luxury.  IN fact, there's no such thing as a Coach Robinson apologist.  That's how bad it's been.

Thank god, now let's get someone in there we know Steve can handle.

What's that? They're talking to who? Edsall? Where does he coach again? Really? Son of a bitch.