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Pitino reviews NKU game

If he's going to keep doing this, then I'm going to continue to keep all postgame comments to myself. It'd be like putting a third coat on the living room Michelangelo just painted for you.

Full Court Pressure

We have a long way to go in this area.  Our rotations are to slow and we must make great strides with our pressure in the next couple of weeks.



Still not where it needs to be for our challenges ahead.  The second game in a row that Samardo came up with few defensive rebounds.  He must generate the enthusiasm he has

for scoring toward rebounding.


Edgar Sosa- 0

Andre McGee- 0

Reggie Delk- 0


All pitched a shutout in the rebounding area. 


Rebounding is pure desire. On the defensive end, box out, create space and pursue the ball. Offensively, get to the weak side of the shot and slip the inside of the box out.


Two weeks to improve!!!




We improved off the Georgetown game. Playing on the road was beneficial. The unique style of NKU taught us a valuable lesson. Any upset can occur if the 3 point line is not defended. Like the way Earl played within himself. Samardo must improve his rebounding, defense, and passing. Reggie Delk must rebound, pass, and play better defense. Andre and Edgar must rebound. The opposing point guard gets back on defense when the shot is taken. They have a free run to the glass. Both came up empty.


The Minardi Classic is two weeks away. T-Will will return to practice and give us a big lift with rebounding and defense. We will go back to the tape after our first game.

And just like that, exclamation points got 50 times cooler.