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Week 6 BlogPoll ballot

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We're going front page with this week's ballot, only because of the super sweet news that the BlogPoll will now be appearing on CBS Sportsline right next to the AP and Coaches polls.

The recognition is certainly deserved, as the bloggers have - in my mom's opinion - been a tad more on point than the selected members of the press and 1,000 times more on point than the selected sports information directors head coaches since the inception of the poll three years ago. The poll works, in part, because all of the ballots are made public, and those showing extreme bias or senselessness are held accountable. Also, bloggers tend to watch an unhealthy amount of football...especially those whose teams rarely play on Saturday.

Anyway, here's what the dartboard produced this week:

Rank Team Delta
1 Oklahoma 1
2 Alabama 1
3 Texas 3
4 Missouri 1
5 LSU 2
6 Penn State 2
7 Brigham Young --
8 Vanderbilt 12
9 Utah --
10 Boise State --
11 Southern Cal 5
12 Texas Tech --
13 Florida 2
14 Oklahoma State 3
15 Georgia 1
16 Ohio State 3
17 Virginia Tech 5
18 South Florida 10
19 Kansas 6
20 North Carolina 6
21 Northwestern 5
22 Tulsa 4
23 California 3
24 Ball State 2
25 Michigan State 1

Dropped Out: Auburn (#11), Wisconsin (#18), Oregon (#21), Connecticut (#23), Kentucky (#24), Maryland (#25).

Half-baked rationalizations:

--Dropping 'Bama may have been a bit harsh considering the superiority of their resume in relation to Oklahoma's, but the Tide gave Kentucky fans a reason to be upbeat, a crime which cannot go unpunished.

--For whatever reason I tend to think Texas is overrated every year, but winning three games by the same score of 52-10 has me on board in '08. It really only takes something semi-cool to get me on board anything. Maybe this poll doesn't deserve recognition. 

--I'm aware that my top ten is rounded out by BYU, Vanderbilt, Utah and Boise State. Aware and fairly grossed out.

--I'll believe Texas Tech doesn't suck when Texas Tech beats someone that doesn't suck. Yes, I'm aware that that the Red Raiders just rolled Kansas State, therefore making the previous sentence a pretty sizable inadvertent shot at Louisville. Aware and fairly grossed out.

--I still think Florida takes the SEC. Unless LSU beats them on Saturday. In which case I think someone else takes the SEC.

--Hey. Tulsa. Congratulations on all your recent success.

--I fear this may be the final poll appearance for the fighting Paul Rutherfords of Northwestern. Javon Ringer's the best thing to come out of Dayton since Dan Patrick.

--Nate Davis is a friggin' bad ass.