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'Cuse links

Let's hit it.

This preview from is about as solid as anything you'll find on the Internet.

The Three Idiots weigh in with their game predictions, and they don't have a lot of faith in the home team.

This is a full weekend. Friday night I'm taking ChampBaby trick or treating, Saturday going to the Cuse-Louisville game, and on Sunday traveling to Albany to take my son to a Wiggles concert. Thanks to Greg Robinson, this weekend's game ranks a very distant third on the list of things I want to do. Yes Greg, even the Wiggles kick your ass.

There used to be no better feeling than going to a big night game at the Dome. Miami, VaTech, Michigan, and the post 9/11 Auburn game all bring back great memories. The electricity of a packed house made the Dome no better place to be. For all 13,000 attendees, you'll witness Louisville avenge the "How in the World Did We Just Lose That Game" loss from last year.


Birds 37
Orange 10

Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician - sans proprietor Sean Keeley - isn't feeling any more confident.

Donnie Webb lets us know that junior Cam Dantley will definitely be the starting quarterback tomorrow night, despite a less-than-stellar performance against South Florida and despite the fact that Andrew Robinson tossed for a gazillion (number) yards last year against the Cards. Webb also says that backup tailback Delone Carter is good to go after missing the last four games with a pulled hamstring.

Cardinal Empire takes yet another thorough look behind enemy lines.

Tom Heiser hasn't forgotten last year's debacle, but sees no reason why things shouldn't be drastically different almost 14 months later.

The post-Petrino malaise set in with a vengance and is just now beginning to slip into remission. So there can be no bubbly palaver about upsetting South Florida and controlling our BCS destiny without exorcising the Orange demon (who may in fact take the shape of that fuzzy blob running around the dome). U of L is a more reasonable 14-point favorite on the road, and there's no reason that the spread won't be covered or bested.

Syracuse is dreadful. They're 1-6 with a 30-21 victory over Northeastern serving as, what some are predicting, 2008's lone triumph. The fan base has been clamouring for head coach Greg Robinson's head for two years and spends boundless energy speculating about the possibility of landing ex-Raider coach Lane Kiffin. Why not? What's there to enjoy in a team that generates a mere 17.7 points and 287 yards per game? U of L has to focus on running back Curtis Brinkley, who's run for 733 yards and four touchdowns -- including 100 against South Florida. Through the air, Andrew Robinson's days of thunder have fizzled. He's on the bench in favor of 80s NBA star Adrian Danley's son Cameron, who's thrown for just 882 yards and seven scores against three interceptions. Defensively the 'Cuse is foe-friendly, watching teams score nearly 35 points per game and run up 438.1 total yards. The U of L rushing attack should be giddy at the prospect of facing a rush defense that's been battered to the tune of 212 yards per game on the ground. (Note to coaching staff: keep the oxygen tanks at hand for Bolen, Anderson, Powell and any others who may get in on the act.)

Card Game reminds us that the receiving corps was having a productive season before the now inactive Scott Long returned three weeks ago.