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U of L receivers to alternate wearing No. 84

Awesome stuff from Rick Bozich.

But as the Cardinals practiced yesterday, a player wearing No. 84 -- Long's number -- was racing around the field, catching passes and energizing the offense.

It was Long's friend and teammate, Trent Guy.

Yesterday he wore No. 84. If U of L can work out the details, Guy will wear No. 84 at Syracuse on Saturday night. Next week it will be Doug Beaumont's turn. He'll exchange his No. 27 for 84. Then Long's number will be worn by Josh Chichester or Troy Pascley or another receiver.

Five more games. At least five teammates eager to embrace No. 84.

"The receivers decided we wanted to do that for Scott," Guy said. "That's how much we respect how hard he worked to come back from the broken foot. Then to get hurt again … that's the tough part of football.

"Sports injuries are never fair."

From an outsiders perspective, this appears to be as tight a Louisville football team as we've had in quite some time, and that makes you hope even more that these guys can pull together and accomplish something special over these next two months.

It all starts Saturday.