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Practice update from Rick Pitino

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You can check out the whole report here, but the highlight is Pitino's player-by-player review.

Terrence Williams - Injured, will return in three weeks.


Andre McGee – In great shape and a defensive killer.  Must cut down on his turnovers.


Will Scott – Has not practiced – injured hamstring.


Edgar Sosa – Pushing the fast break with precision passing. Still needs to improve weak side defense.


Earl Clark – Rounding into shape.  Working extremely, extremely hard to be the best he can be.


Jerry Smith – The major stick out. Working well at all phases.  Jerry has consistently looked good in practice.


Preston Knowles – Playing hard but like Dre’, must cut down on his turnovers.


Reggie Delk – The one silver lining with T. Will’s injury.  Probably playing second best to Jerry. Gaining confidence.


Samardo Samuels – Needs Terrence Jennings to return for competition.  Not getting enough defense to make him better. Working hard but has a lot to learn.  Pleased with his work ethic.


Terrence Jennings – Has not practiced, (turf toe) should return Wednesday.


Jared Swopshire – Talent on the offense, liability on defense.  Must get stronger and more aggressive on defense. Will get it. Great attitude.


Kyle Kuric – Needs work on his ball handling.  But improving with each practice.


Lee Steiden – Working hard. Dependable player for practice.


Chris Brickley – Another hard worker with great passion for the game.


George Goode – Must work harder at the defensive end.  The year off put him in a difficult spot.   Hope he picks it up.

The more I hear about him the more I think we're all going to love Jared Swopshire.

Five days until basketball season.