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What to read while thinking of how great you'd be as a debate moderator

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I'd flip out and get way too intense for absolutely no reason. It would be awesome. They'd write about it in the papers.

It's Thursday, the weekend's right around the corner, you're getting drunk and dancing to music at work for seven hours, so it's only right that we kick this thing off with a generic Louisville/Middle Tennessee preview.

Louisville defensive end Earl Heyman remembers last year's game against Middle Tennessee only too well.

The Cardinals won 58-42, but their inability to stop the Blue Raiders from rolling up 555 yards was a troubling sign of things to come as Louisville finished a disappointing 6-6.

"That game was crazy," Heyman said. "They ran up and down the field last year."

Ah, yes the '07 Middle Tennessee game, AKA: "The Day the Music Died...and Louisville Football Started Making me Want to Take a Sledgehammer to my Testicles."

For our part, I thought we handled the whole thing quite well.

MTSU senior quarterback Joe Craddock - who burned Louisville's defense for 97.8% of his season production in 2007 - will apparently be splitting time with the nimble and aptly named Dwight Dasher on Saturday afternoon. The Murfreesboro Post has more on the Blue Raider QB situation as well as a pile of quotes from Rick Stockstill too massive to be handled by any human being in a single sitting. Poe does not approve.

Big ups (ya-huh I can pull it off) to Victor Anderson for landing a spot on the Midseason Freshman All-American Team. Let's just hope he avoids the "Second Running Back Listed on the Midseason Freshman All-American Team Curse." Last year it was O.J.

Thanks to Jerb, I now have images to go with the stories I heard about the '85 Florida State game while growing up.

I had no idea that Gary Montgomery was around (and still bad ass) back in '85. I also didn't have Herb Crook pegged as a kicker.

I haven't checked out USA Today's college basketball preview yet, but if this is true I'll definitely entertain the thought of writing an angry email while knowing full well in the back of my mind that I'll never go through with it.

In the conference preview section, Louisville is picked to finish sixth in the Big East, where Marquette is the projected winner.

That's a bit strange, considering the Golden Eagles have a new coach, replacing Tom Crean. Dick Vitale has Louisville second IN THE NATION and I believe they are Number Three, behind North Carolina and Connecticut, in the Athlon yearbook.

But if you turn to the middle of the USA Today preview and look at their 2009 NCAA Tournament bracket preview, you'll see that Rick Pitino's team is a Number One seed that is projected to lose to North Carolina in the NCAA championship game.

If James Worthy is in charge of the preview section then this whole thing is going to make a lot more sense.

Cardinal Empire takes an in-depth look at Middle Tennessee. Because that's who we play on Saturday. You knew that? OK, just making sure. Where am I?

The subject of which squad Louisville fans should be pulling for in this weekend's Kentucky/Arkansas game has been a fun topic of conversation for the media, but in reality I don't think there's much of a debate. Bobby Petrino could bitch slap me in a room full of models tomorrow and I'd still root for the Hogs to win by 100.

Tom Heiser agrees; at least with the cheering decidedly against UK.

Looking for a completely trifling Louisville football fact that will impress absolutely no one in any plausible social situation? The Cardinals' streak of not being shutout since Sept. 23, 2000 is the 32nd-best in Division I-A.

Note: I haven't let a rhetorical question go un-answered since '89, so if you read the first line of this blurb and said something outloud, we should probably hang out. If your word of approval or disapproval was preceded by an obscenity, then we should definitely hang out.

A blog called Football For Days identifies Hunter Cantwell as one of the five most disappointing players of the college football season so far.

And lastly, if you haven't seen it yet, this Jeff Goodman column has incensed the ordinarily even-keeled and priority appropriate Kentucky basketball fan base.


Make this Thursday the best one of the week.