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Terrence Williams out 4-6 weeks with knee injury

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Louisville senior forward Terrence Williams tore a medial meniscus in his right knee while playing in a pick-up game on Tuesday, and will be out of action for 4-6 weeks.

U of L head coach Rick Pitino had much larger fears when he first heard about the injury.

"We were positive it was going to be an ACL," Pitino told Jeff Goodman of Fox Sports. "He landed on it the wrong way. The good news is he'll be back in four weeks."

Williams landed awkwardly on his right knee and heard a pop, a sound which prompted Pitino's initial angst. But an MRI taken at Jewish Hospital revealed only the meniscus tear.

Williams will have surgery tomorrow.

"Knowing T-Will, he'll be back in three weeks," Pitino said. "He's in great spirits. He thought it was an ACL, too."

Really, coach? All right, it's a change of pace, but I'll roll with it.

Williams' injury keeps alive Louisville's national record of 87 consecutive basketball offseason with at least one major injury to a key player. Seriously though, it sounds like this could have been much, much worse than it is, and we should all thank the time of 11:11 for there even being a shot of T-Will taking the floor against Morehead State on Nov. 22.