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Jeremy Tyler will possess your heart

Before you do anything else today, watch this video and try not to get excited. Seriously, spend the next 30 seconds thinking about a giant room of crying babies, puppies and mogwais, and you'll still be smiling after these four minutes.

The first completely unfair comparison that comes to my mind when watching Tyler play is Jason Thompson of Rider, which is pretty high praise since Thompson was just taken as the 14th pick in the NBA Draft, and Tyler is preparing for his junior season of high school basketball.

It goes without saying that a lot can happen in the time between an early commitment and the day the young man actually arrives on a college campus, but every piece of video, every allotment of ink and every scouting report on Tyler would indicate that this is the real deal. A player with that size and that athleticism is the ideal center for a Rick Pitino team, and if he keeps his head on straight and continues to progress, Jeremy Tyler should be the next great big man at the University of Louisville.

If only we had some decent players returning to this year's team.

God I love Rick Pitino.