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Louisville 35, Memphis 28

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Hey, remember this?

It's been four days and I think most of us are ready to move on to Middle Tennessee (or the Red/White scrimmage), so we'll keep this short and play ten thoughts.

1. I can't remember two stranger back-to-back Louisville football games than the last two

After outgaining Connecticut by 213 yards two weeks ago and losing, Louisville entered its game at Memphis with one of the worst special teams units in the country, promptly produced two special teams touchdowns, was outgained by 182 yards, and won by a touchdown.

The blocked field goal return at the end of the half, Trent Guy going crazy each time he got the ball in his hands, the barefoot field goal off the upright, the zero yard run for a first down on 4th and 1; it was all a bit surreal.

2. Hunter Cantwell's play is officially an issue

His ankle still appeared to be bothering him, but that doesn't excuse continuing to throw the ball as hard as you can on four-yard stops and five-yard slants. I understand that it's nearly impossible to teach touch, but when your quarterback shows more of it on a 40-yard post pass than he does on a screen, maybe it's time to try.

3. Hooray for pressure off the edge

Triple thumbs up (it's creepy) for William Savoy, Rodney Gnat and Mo Mitchell, who harassed Arkelon Hall all night despite going up against an extremely experienced Memphis offensive line. Lack of pressure from our defensive ends plagued last year's defense from its first game to its last, so it was amazingly refreshing to watch these three guys play the way they did on Friday.

4. We have to find a kicker

If someone doesn't step up and prove that he can be relied upon from 30-40 yards out, then it's going to cost us at least one Big East game.

5. Doug Beaumont is at least partially human

I was thinking he was all human until that punt return, which now has me thinking that he's got like a machine arm or shoulder or something. I, Robot was better than a lot of people gave it credit for.

6. No one flies around the field like Daniel Covington

A former walk-on who now starts and ranks second on the team in tackles? I need that puff piece on my desk by 9:30.

7. The win has not helped in making this weekend's game appear any more attractive

It's like an O'Doul's. It was awesome to get a win since none of us particularly care for Memphis, but the overall performance left me no more excited about Saturday's "clash" with the Blue Raiders than I was this time last week. I'm ready for West Virginia, Cincinnati, Rutgers and the gang.

8. Tommy West needs to chill


9. The only other time I've seen the "quarterback confusedly turn to the sidelines/ball snapped to the tailback" play was from St. Martha when I was in 6th grade

It didn't work.

10. Beating Memphis is a lot cooler than not beating Memphis

This trumps every other positive or negative that could possibly be extracted from Friday night's game. Louisville beat Memphis in an athletic competition. The sun came up on Saturday, the world refused to stop spinning and your significant other is still freaked out by the person you become for about four hours every week.