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Meaningless last game of the season open thread

One of the most memorable college football seasons of all-time will come to a close tonight with a game that will undoubtedly be overwhelmingly forgettable. If LSU wins, then a two-loss team that fell to 8-5 Arkansas and 8-5 Kentucky will be deemed more deserving a national champion than two one-loss teams (one of which won a BCS game), and five other two-loss teams. If Ohio State wins, then it will be a team that defeated a grand total of one ranked opponent (Outback Bowl loser Wisconsin) in the regular season that will be crowned as the nation's best.

Ultimately the game will decide nothing and Appalachian State and Stanford will define the season for everyone outside of Columbus or Baton Rouge.

I'm sure I'll be checking in sporadically, but Manhattan/Marist, pre-New Hampshire caucus coverage and Clueless on HBO will likely garner the majority of my attention this evening. For those tuning in religiously, enjoy all the Thom Brennaman ("And Adam Dunn AGAIN fails to get the job done with less than two outs and a runner on third"), and feel free to share your thoughts about the game in this thread.