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Big East Power Poll

Picked these out of a red sock. Wouldn't lie.

1. Georgetown (1) (16-2, 6-1)

Last Week: Beat Syracuse (64-62), beat West Virginia (58-57)
This Week: At St. John's (1/30), vs. Seton Hall (2/2)

Winning at West Virginia in any fashion is impressive, but I still don't think anyone is sure just how good these guys are or how good they're going to be.

2. West Virginia (4) (15-5, 4-3)

Last Week: Beat Marquette (66-64), lost to Georgetown (58-57)
This Week: vs. Cincinnati (1/30), at Providence (2/2)

Goaltend or not, it was an impressive effort against the league's best. I say clean.

3. Louisville (3) (15-5, 5-2)

Last Week: Beat South Florida (80-60), beat St. John's (67-57)
This Week: At Connecticut (1/28), vs. Rutgers (2/2)

Chances missed in losses to Cincinnati and Seton Hall could easily come back to haunt a team with a league schedule that gets considerably tougher from here on out.

4. Connecticut (5) (14-5, 4-3)

Last Week: Beat Cincinnati (84-83), beat Indiana (68-63)
This Week: vs. Louisville (1/28), vs. Pittsburgh (2/2)

A road win over Indiana has put this team back on the map, but how they handle a four-game stretch that includes Louisville, Pittsburgh, Syracuse and Georgetown will dictate how long they stay there.

5. Notre Dame (8) (14-4, 4-2)

Last Week: Beat Villanova (90-80)
This Week: vs. Providence (1/31), vs. Depaul (2/2)

Who said the Irish couldn't win on the road? Two home wins this week and they'll officially be on a roll.

6. Pittsburgh (2) (16-4, 4-3)

Last Week: Beat St. John's (81-57), lost to Rutgers (77-64)
This Week: vs. Villanova (1/30), at Connecticut (2/2)

You wanna tell me what the f&*% that was?

7. Marquette (6) (14-4, 4-3)

Last Week: Beat Depaul (79-71)
This Week: vs. South Florida (1/29), at Cincinnati (2/2)

Dom James looked much better on Saturday than he did in MU's embarrassing losses to Louisville and Connecticut. A pair of wins this week would be huge for Tom Crean's club as it enters another difficult stretch.

8. Seton Hall (13) (14-6, 4-3)

Last Week: Beat Providence (88-75), beat Cincinnati (64-61)
This Week: At Rutgers (1/30), at Georgetown (2/2)

Hottest team in the Big East, there's no doubt about it.

9. Villanova (7) (13-5, 3-4)

Last Week: Lost to Rutgers (80-68), lost to Notre Dame (90-80)
This Week: At Pittsburgh (1/30), vs. Syracuse (2/2)

The real Wildcats finally stand up.

  10. Syracuse (10) (14-7, 4-4)

Last Week: Lost to Georgetown (64-62), beat Providence (71-64)
This Week: At Depaul (1/30), at Villanova (2/2)

A Johnny Flynn rim out from one hell of a week.

11. Cincinnati (9) (9-11, 4-4)

Last Week: Lost to Connecticut (84-83), lost to Seton Hall (64-61)
This Week: At West Virginia (1/30), vs. Marquette (2/2)

Rashad Bishop's egregious foul in the waning moments of the Uconn game may be the spark that sends this team into a death spiral. Still, these guys aren't being blown out, and that's a far cry from where they were last month.

12. Depaul (11) (9-10, 4-3)

Last Week: Beat Florida Gulf Coast (92-60), lost to Marquette (79-71)
This Week: vs. Syracuse (1/30), at Notre Dame (2/2)

The Demons have to hold serve at home against comparable teams, so this Wednesday's game against Syracuse is huge.

13. Providence (12) (12-7, 3-4)

Last Week: Lost to Seton Hall (88-75), lost to Syracuse (71-64)
This Week: At Notre Dame (1/31), vs. West Virginia (2/2)

The Friars can have all the double figurer scorers they want and it won't matter until they start playing at least a little bit of defense.  

14. Rutgers (16) (10-11, 2-6)

Last Week: Beat Villanova (80-68), beat Pittsburgh (77-64)
This Week: vs. Seton Hall (1/30), at Louisville (2/2)

So Rutgers is good now?

15. St. John's (14) (7-11, 1-6)

Last Week: Lost to Pittsburgh (81-57), lost to Louisville (67-57)
This Week: vs. Georgetown (1/30), at South Florida (2/2)

You can talk about the eight freshmen you brought in all you want Norm, it's still not going to change the fact that you won't be around to see them grow up.

16. South Florida (15) (10-10, 1-6)

Last Week: Lost to Louisville (80-60)
This Week: At Marquette (1/29), vs. St. John's (2/2)

Well the names have all changed since you hung around, but those dreams have remained and they're turned around.