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"White Out" planned for Georgetown game

U of L has decided to make the home game against Georgetown on Sat, Feb. 9 a "White Out Game." Fans are going to be stabbed if they don't encouraged to wear white to the game, which will be broadcast on ESPN at 9 p.m.

The game is ESPN's College Gameday game of the week, and the Gameday crew will be at Freedom Hall all day.

Official white out shirts can be purchased now at "local U of L retailers," or this is the perfect opportunity to bust out that Tom Wolfe suit that seems to be inappropriate for every other social situation.

Some people are getting tired of these, but we haven't lost a game in either sport when we've done them, so I'm all for it. Plus you get to see people who weren't aware of the promotion look really embarrassed for two hours, and really, who doesn't enjoy that?