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What to watch: 1/22/08

Michigan at Wisconsin (7 p.m./ESPN)

See how many creepy comments Brent Musberger can make about Erin Andrews before even you start to feel uncomfortable.

Wake Forest at Clemson (7 p.m./FSN South)

The Deacons have performed considerably better than most would have predicted before the season. A win in Littlejohn and all of the sudden they're over .500 in the conference.

Drake at Creighton (8 p.m./Local)

About 99% sure I don't have this game, but really hope I'm wrong. The Bulldogs have won 15 straight, but the Knapp Center may be the toughest place to play in the Valley. Dana Altman for the win.

Tennessee at Kentucky (9 p.m./ESPN)

"Super Tuesday" has long been considered the lamest of the four days of ESPN college basketball coverage during conference play, but Kentucky playing in the 9 o'clock game always makes the night a little more tolerable.  

Illinois at Ohio State (9 p.m./Big Ten Network)

One of the best parts about late January and all of February is how hundreds of different mini-leagues evolve from the 31 conferences. For instance, four weeks from now in the Big East you'll have two or three times fighting for the league's regular season title, three or four more teams battling for the last bye in the conference tournament, and then maybe four, five or six teams duking it out to be the last team to make it to New York. Each team that wins one of these mini-leagues feels a sense of accomplishment, and then they move on to another goal. In this game tonight you have a team in Ohio State fighting to work their way onto the bubble, and a team in Illinois which is simply hoping not to have to play on the first day of the Big Ten Tournament. Everyone has a goal to work for, and when you achieve that goal, the stakes get higher.

College basketball rules.

Colorado at Air Force (10 p.m./CSTV)

A game featuring one bad team and one average team, neither of which you've probably seen this season or have any desire to see this season. But it's on, you're awake, and you don't like tennis or local news.