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El Grande Monday's Here Again

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I've always been somewhat enamored with Big Monday, even before Louisville made its expedition into the Big East. There's no thorough list of contributory reasons that I can lay out, but there is a video that without a doubt played a significant role.

School night schmool night were words I lived by in the early to mid '90s. Rest in peace my friend.

Tonight's first Big Monday - and beyond - television schedule reads like this:

Georgetown at Pittsburgh 7pm (ESPN)  
Miss. Valley St. at Prairie View A&M 7pm (ESPNU)
Charleston at The Citadel 7pm (CSS)
LIU at Central Conn. St. 7:30 pm (MSG)  
Oklahoma at Kansas 9pm (ESPN)
Morgan St. at Norfolk St. 9pm (ESPNU)
Portland at Loyola Marymount 11pm (ESPNU)
Gonzaga at Pepperdine 11:59pm (ESPN)