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Big East Power Poll

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So apparently it does get tougher than last week. One, two and 16 are pretty clear, but just about every spot aside from that is up for debate.

Last week's ranking is the first number in parentheses.

1. Georgetown (1) (13-1, 3-0)

Last Week: Beat Depaul (76-60), beat Connecticut (72-69)

This Week: At Pittsburgh (1/14), vs. Notre Dame (1/19)

So, Roy Hibbert can shoot threes.

2. Marquette (2) (13-2, 3-1)

Last Week: Beat Seton Hall (61-56), beat Notre Dame (92-66)

This Week: At Louisville (1/17), at Connecticut (1/20)

The Golden Eagles answered the question of whether or not they can hang with a team possessing one of the better frontcourts in the league on Saturday, and in a big way. Beating both Louisville and Connecticut on the road this week would be an enormous statement.

3. Pittsburgh (7) (14-2, 2-1)

Last Week: Beat South Florida (79-66), beat Seton Hall (84-70)
This Week: vs. Georgetown (1/14), at Cincinnati (1/19)

Beating two bottom-tier conference teams convincingly may not seem all that impressive, but it went a long way in showing that the Panthers are going to be able to cope without Mike Cook and LeVance Fields for the next month. Sam Young's full-blown emergence couldn't have come sooner as Pitt takes on the league's lone undefeated in Georgetown as well as 3-1 Cincinnati this week.  

4. Connecticut (4) (11-4, 2-2)

Last Week: Beat St. John's (81-65), lost to Georgetown (72-69)
This Week: vs. Providence (1/17), vs. Marquette (1/20)

The Huskies may have blown a big opportunity on Saturday, but they proved without a doubt that they are back as a force in this conference. They now embark on a crucial four-game stretch that includes a home game with Marquette and road tests at Cincinnati and Indiana.

5. Notre Dame (3) (12-3, 2-1)

Last Week: Lost to Marquette (92-66)
This Week: vs. Cincinnati (1/15), at Georgetown (1/19)

No team was more disappointing last week than Notre Dame, and it only took them one game to do it. The Irish will have a great chance to dispel the growing belief that they can't win on the road when they head to Georgetown on Saturday.

6. Louisville (9) (12-4, 2-1)

Last Week: Beat West Virginia (63-54), beat Rutgers (64-49)
This Week: vs. Marquette (1/17), at Seton Hall (1/19)

A pair of wins this week would prove that the Cards are again a legitimate threat to take home the league title.

7. West Virginia (4) (12-4, 2-2)

Last Week: Lost to Louisville (63-54), beat Syracuse (81-61)
This Week:  vs. St. John's (1/17), at South Florida (1/20)

St. John's and South Florida represent the calm before the Marquette/Georgetown storm for the Mountaineers.

8. Villanova (6) (11-3, 1-2)

Last Week: Lost to Cincinnati (69-66)
This Week: vs. Depaul (1/16), at Syracuse (1/19)

It was a retro Scottie Reynolds performance on Saturday: 32 points, 22 shots, two assists, five turnovers, one loss.

9. Cincinnati (15) (8-8, 3-1)

Last Week: Beat Syracuse (74-66), beat Villanova (69-66)
This Week: At Notre Dame (1/15), vs. Pittsburgh (1/19)

Just so we've got this straight...

Big East wins: Louisville, Villanova, Syracuse.
Big East loss: St. John's


10. (8) (12-5, 2-2)

Last Week: Lost to Cincinnati (74-66), lost to West Virginia (81-61)
This Week: vs. Rutgers (1/16), vs. Villanova (1/19)

Perhaps life without Eric Devendorf (and Andy Rautins, of course) isn't going to go quite as swimmingly for Jim Boeheim as it seemed it was this time last week.

11. Depaul (11) (7-8, 3-1)

Last Week: Lost to Georgetown (76-60), beat St. John's (60-54)
This Week: At Villanova (1/16), vs. Rutgers (1/19)

Dar Tucker and Mac Koshwal are steadily improving and providing more and more support for Draelon Burns, who continues to have a spectacular senior season.

12. Providence (12) (11-5, 2-2)

Last Week: Beat Rutgers (76-50), beat South Florida (86-70)
This Week: At Connecticut (1/17)

The Friars play just two games over the next 12 days. Bizarre.

13. Seton Hall (10) (10-6, 0-3)

Last Week: Lost to Marquette (61-56), lost to Pittsburgh (84-70)
This Week: vs. South Florida (1/17), vs. Louisville (1/19)

The Pirates blew a golden opportunity at Marquette on Wednesday, and then decided not to play defense against Pittsburgh on Saturday. League win number one should come this Thursday at home against USF.

14. South Florida (13) (10-7, 1-3)

Last Week: Lost to Pittsburgh (79-66), lost to Providence (86-70)
This Week: At Seton Hall (1/17), vs. West Virginia (1/20)

I think we may have all gotten a little carried away after the Bulls' fast start. Making it to New York doesn't seem nearly as plausible as it did a couple of weeks ago.

15. St. John's (14) (7-8, 1-3)

Last Week: Lost to Connecticut (81-65), lost to Depaul (70-64)
This Week: At West Virginia (1/17)

I've said it before and I'll say it again: This team should not be this bad. It's an 0-2 count and your first two swings have been extremely unimpressive Norm Roberts.

16. Rutgers (16) (8-9, 0-4)

Last Week: Lost to Providence (76-50), lost to Louisville (64-49)
This Week: At Syracuse (1/16), at Depaul (1/19)

They don't shoot the ball particularly well. Or do much else particularly well.