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Brohm, Okoye named to 2017 NFL All-Pro Team did a really cool thing over the weekend and unveiled what it thinks the NFL All-Pro team will look like ten years from now.

In homage to Sports Illustrated - which came up with this cool idea in the late 1980s or early 1990s - we are offering up our prediction on what the 2017 NFL All-Pro team might look like.

Our experts gazed into their crystal balls - trust us, they were a bit hazy - and tried to come up with an All-Pro team for 10 years from now.

While we fully expect standout players like Adrian Peterson to be All-Pros and make several Pro Bowl appearances, not many running backs are the best in the league after 10 seasons.

Brian Brohm was named the team's starting quarterback, while Amobi Okoye was named one of two starting defensive tackles. Other notable selections included Pitt's LeSean McCoy at running back, and former Syracuse standout Tanard Jackson at safety.

Noticeably absent from the team was Art Carmody, who dominated the Hula Bowl last night and received 15 votes in the Lexington Herald-Leader's final Kentucky Sportsman of the Year voting. Why only 15? Because I don't have that much money and am still trying cultivate my influence over the state media. I'm like the Fredo Corleone of the Kentucky Blogosphere.