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Samardo Samuels in NYT

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Something needs to go up today.

Samardo Samuels and No. 1 St. Benedict's Prep will play No. 12 Rice High School of Harlem on Sunday, and in preparation for the game the New York Times has a stellar piece on the nation's top-rated center.

As a senior, Samuels is averaging 21 points and 8 rebounds a game. He is a force inside, able to pass out of double teams or evade them for dunks.

Last summer he added another dimension to his game: a 3-point shot. He is shooting better than 60 percent from beyond the arc. The year before, he improved his ball-handling skills and developed a midrange jump shot.

"I hate sitting down," he said.

Scott Butterworth, an assistant who is Samuels's house parent at the school, added, "If the dishes needs to be done or the garbage taken out, he's one of the first guys to do it."

Much of the credit goes to Johnston and Karriem Memminger, Samuels's basketball mentor. They work together, making decisions while letting Samuels concentrate on basketball and his education.

Samuels will be the fourth player from Jamaica Basketball Development to play Division I basketball. The number of participants in the July camp has increased, to 140 from 60 four years ago, and 45 have enrolled in high schools or colleges in the United States.

"Every kid in our camp wants to be the next Samardo Samuels," Johnston said.

I cannot wait to see this kid in a Louisville uniform

On a related note, has anyone ever seen a gray bee? Do they sting? Can you find them in the Ohio Valley?

I'm intrigued.