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Mike Cassity speaks

I just stumbled upon Rick Bozich's latest column on the Courier-Journal website, and I think the quotes of Mike Cassity from this afternoon deserve their own post.

"I saw missed assignments, I saw missed tackles, I saw lapses in concentration, I saw bad penalties, I saw things that were inexcusable."

"You can't have a situation where nobody lines up outside to defend a receiver. You can't ever let something like that happen again. Our job as coaches is to get all that fixed and put our players in situations where they can succeed."

"If we have to simplify things, that's what we're going to do. But before I point the finger at any of my players, I look in the mirror at myself. It's my responsibility."

"Part of being a coach is putting teams together and figuring things out. That's my job."

"We might have to scale back on some of our calls. We might have to simplify things until our guys get more experience. If our guys are uncertain about some of the calls, they're not going to be as fast running to the football."

Bozich also notes that Cassity was watching film all day today, beginning at 6:45 a.m. and working off of less than five hours of sleep.

This is how you respond in the aftermath of a poor performance, this is what you say when you're a big time college football coach, this is the kind of thing I think we were all hoping to hear today.

Kudos to Mike Cassity for stepping up and handling this situation the right way. Now let's get things fixed and beat Kentucky.