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The sun refuses to rise

Louisville lost a pair of top basketball recruits late Wednesday evening as Olek Czyz committed to Duke and Eloy Vargas announced that he's taking his game to Florida.  

Seriously? You guys couldn't have waited like a week? Or at least spaced this shit out? We're already walking around with no arms, and you're gonna come at us with the double machete to the legs? Come on.

The versatile Czyz busted onto the recruiting scene in a big way this summer and drew interest from a bevy of schools before ultimately narrowing his choices to Louisville and Duke. He took an official visit to U of L this past weekend, but said that his choice came down to the connection he made with Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski.

"The main thing is Coach K," Czyz said. "I really believed in everything he said. He just thinks that I have a chance to be special and so do the assistant coaches. I really like the coaching staff and everything there was organized and professional. Every time I would spend time with those guys they'd tell me what I did wrong and what I did good. They told me how much I can improve."

The 6-foot-10 Vargas is a consensus top-30 player, and after flirting with U of L and Pittsburgh, he chose to stay in the state where he plays his high school ball.

Either one of these guys would have been huge gets for Pitino, and while the signing of Tyreke Evans would certainly alleviate the pain that losing these two has caused, the repercussions if Evans doesn't sign have now become that much more severe.

I swear, if Tom Jurich leaves then I'm going to go on a three-day crying binder. It's the exact opposite of drinking binders (joy/hunger/urge to mate vs. pain/embarrassment/hideously unattractive face) with the exception of liquid being involved in both. My only other one happened 13 years ago after I saw Field of Dreams for the first time (catch scene, don't act like you didn't).