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Willie Williams kicked off team

And it continues.

Linebacker Willie A. Williams has been dismissed from the Louisville football team after "violating the terms and conditions of his agreement with Athletic Director Tom Jurich prior to his admittance to the University."

"I'm very disappointed in Willie," said Jurich. "I was confident that he had turned the corner in his life and was ready to be a valuable contributor to society and our football program. We wish Willie the best and hope that he can learn from his mistakes and move forward in his life."

No word on what Williams actually did, but I think we can all take a guess and probably be in the ball park.

I don't mean to pile on an obviously troubled kid, but just how disrespectful can you be? A fairly high-profile university takes a chance on you despite knowing that their image was going to take a hit as a result, and you don't have the decency to not go out and do something that you know is going to get you dismissed if you're caught? Good riddance.

Updates from a situation that has officially reached threat level midnight black will be forthcoming.

UPDATE: Surprise! Williams was arrested last night on charges of possession of marijuana, felony tampering with physical evidence and driving without a license.

But it gets better with the details...

About 9:40 p.m. yesterday, a police cruiser pulled behind Williams on West Broadway and attempted to pull him over, according to a police report. Williams failed to pull over for several blocks until he stopped at Second and Broadway, where an officer found him chewing on marijuana, according to the report.

Police told Williams to spit out the marijuana and found additional marijuana in Williams’ glove compartment.