Sideline Assessment

Let me preface this by saying I have absolutely no "credibility" to lean on like many that call radio talk shows claiming to be a pop warner coach or a former player at some level or another.  That said, I did sit 4 rows from the UL bench and watched the coaching staff do their thing during the Syracuse game.

  • First of all, the sideline was chaos from the start.  There were hundreds of spirit girl kids all over the place and random people (not with the team) mulling about.  The team came out fired up. It was absolutely infuriating to see John Russell, Bolen and Sergio all walk out with no pads.  Coach needs to at least give an injury report.  Seeing them like that was deflating.  It will be the same with Harry next week and could be for weeks to come but we wont hear a damn thing.
  • The open receiver on the first play from scrimmage was seen from every person sitting around me before the UL team seemed to notice.  I looked at him, glanced back at the QB before he rolled way wide and then hoped he wouldnt get a clear throw.  When he caught it, I think I was closer to him than the closest defender.
  • This scenario kept occuring throughout the game and I dont want to drag myself back through it.
  • The scary part from yesterday was that the defensive backs were rarely spoken to by the coaches.  Rod Council sat behind the bench on a gatorade cooler between series with his head down.  Buchanan and Heath sat near each other but no one seemed to coach them.  God knows I cant coach but I would think that a few pointers between plays might be a good idea when they are continually out of position.
  • With Petrino, everyone had their place on the sideline.  Yesterday, coaches had to go looking for players to get ready to go in on a punt or kick.
  • Coach K walked around and said nothing to players for long stretches of the game.  In two cases during timeouts, he stood in the huddle talking on the mic while the players watched.
  • At least 4 times, players were standing near the sideline and were told to go get in the game like 5 seconds before the play started.
  • On two occasions, Brian was standing with his arms out asking for a play while Coach K looked at that GD laminated play sheet he carries.
  • The booing hurts the team.  I have booed at every game but I wont for the remainder of the season after seeing how the players react to it.  This team needs all the positive mojo they can get because they certainly arent getting it from the coaching staff.
  • Brian was on the phone with the booth several times talking and shaking his head.  He was frustrated even while throwing for 555.
  • None of the players took Syracuse seriously until they went down 21-7.  When they scored the first two TDs, everyone seemed to be nonchalant about it.  Once down 14 it changed to fear.  No one looked like they thought they were going to win the game.
  • I cant stress this enough.  I saw little evidence that the Coaches are coaching.  They dont talk to the players enough.  They didnt yell and scream.  The players were left to themselves.
  • Last and certainly not least.  UK still sucks.