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Game Day: Louisville at Kentucky

Game Time: 7:30 p.m.

Location: Commonwealth Stadium: Lexington, KY

Television: ESPN Classic

Favorite: Louisville by 5.5

All-Time Series: Kentucky leads 10-9

Modern Series: Louisville leads 9-4

Last Five Meetings:
Kentucky 22, Louisville 17 (2002)
Louisville 40, Kentucky 24 (2003)
Louisville 28, Kentucky 0 (2004)
Louisville 31, Kentucky 24 (2005)
Louisville 59, Kentucky 28 (2006)

Anxiety Level (1-10): 8.5. Sure Kentucky's a better team this year, but the anxiety level for this game is always elevated since a potential loss to a program with the world's most obnoxious fans has such dire consequences.

Game Attire: Black Carmody jersey over red Orange Bowl shirt.

I'm not even going to lie, I took the Carmody jersey off at halftime last week. Cards Rule! brought home the win by itself, but was certainly less than impressive in the process. I've worn the Orange Bowl shirt three times (Orange Bowl, Spring Game, Open Scrimmage), and each time the defense has performed admirably, so he gets the call today. I'm not going to the game (2005 got ugly), so the opportunity to make appropriate mid-game changes is available.

Predicted Star of the Game: Brian Brohm. Kid's been bred for this season his whole life, and it's largely on his shoulders to make sure Kentucky doesn't ruin it.

Poll Results:

"Just how confident are you right now?"

  1. A little worried because of the D, but I still can't see us losing: 103 votes (50%)
  2. Pretty nervous, I think this game's a tossup: 39 votes (18%)
  3. Please, it's Kentucky: 35 votes (16%)
  4. Extremely nervous, I think this might be the year they get us: 20 votes (9%)
  5. Not nervous at all because I know we're going to lose: 9 votes (4%)
Notable and Quotable:

--Including last season, Kentucky has won seven of its last eight games. That is the best eight-game stretch since the 1977 team won its last nine games of the season.

--Kentucky has not defeated a top ten team since it beat Penn State in 1977.

--The Cardinals have averaged 39.5 points per game and 469.5 yards of total offense in their last four wins against the Wildcats. Louisville is also averaging 268.3 yards on the ground.

--For five straight games Harry Douglas has had at least 100-yards receivng and Brian Brohm has had at least 300 yards passing.

--Andre Woodson has attempted 213 straight passes without an interception, one attempt short of an SEC record.

--Despite changing the line of scrimmage on kickoffs that was thought to have cut down on touchbacks, UK kicker Tim Masthay had six of his nine kickoffs against Kent State go for touchbacks.

--"A lot of guys have a bad taste in their mouth and can't wait to get on back on the field. We want to show everybody we're capable of making plays, and what they saw last week they'll never see again." --Brandon Cox

--"I just feel like this year is the year." --Andre Woodson

--"I know since I've been here, you hear about it year-round, which to me classifies a rivalry. It's just as important in December. It's just as important in April. It's just as important in August. And it's just as important whether it's the first or third game. So that speaks to a very intense rivalry. There is extreme passion on both sides from the fans; passion bordering hatred. That means it's a pretty good rivalry." --Rich Brooks

--"I think they're (Kentucky's offense) outstanding. It's the same group of guys we've gone against the last three years, and it's been a tremendous battle. They've got a very potent offense." --Mike Cassity

--"Are they really like this? Are they really getting all the hype they're getting with a defense like this? They got exposed."---Maurice Grinter

--"I had to adapt to the rivalry, rather than being a part of it from day one. Now I accept it as a rivalry, and every time we play them I feel just as much hate for them."---Braxton Kelly

--"I'm tired of it. I'm tired of hearing about how great Louisville is. I'm going to come out with fire in my heart for this game."---Alfonso Smith

--"It's something we've all been looking forward to. To go out and beat them is going to feel great."---Garry Williams

--"I never want to see Louisville lose to Kentucky in anything. It would be a big deal. I want to stay unbeaten by Kentucky. That's a big goal of mine because I grew up with this rivalry and I want to beat Kentucky in everything we do around here. So I definitely want to finish 4-0 against them." --Brian Brohm

CC Prediction: Louisville 48, Kentucky 39

After some anxious moments early on, Malik Jackson seals the deal with a late interception to end Woodson's streak.